GOIAS SAMPLE LIBRARY is brought to you by the Live Performance and Producer Duo - Henrique Carvalhal and António Vital Carvalhal.

GOIAS provides a plethora of moods and sounds carefully composed to capture different musical snapshots that will help you create larger ideas, ranging from Hip-Hop, Lo-fi, R&B, Pop, Trap, and of course Soul.

They created this sample library for the community in response to the demand they get by working with several songwriters, musicians, artists and producers, some of which are Grammy-winner/nominated and Platinum.

By being artists and musicians they have gathered a broad experience both in studio and live environments that led to multiple platinum records in Portugal, more notable executive co-producing Slow J's Afro Fado (the first Portuguese album ever to be #8 Top Albums Debut Global @Spotify), a Number 1 on the UK Albums Chart and touring with one of the biggest artists/rapper in Portugal Dillaz 75 Live Band.
As founding members of portuguese rock band DEUSA and experimental funk soul band Twin Peets they continue crafting their unique and tasteful GOIAS sound.

Through their musical quest they aim to break musical boundaries, bend genres and inspire fellow creators to come together and shape the new music to come.