1) Are sample packs purchased on Music By GOIAS royalty free?

Most of them are not, but basically on most smaller independent projects clearance won't be necessary and you can just use the sample/composition however you like. Please reach out to musicbygoias@gmail.com to see if clearance is needed and/or to work out the details.
Don't forget to also check the Royalty Free page to search for our royalty free products.

2) Do I own the samples/sounds after purchasing from Music By GOIAS?

No, you don't. Products are licensed, not sold to you. Please read our Terms and Conditions and Music License/Clearance sections.

Any other questions please mail to musicbygoias@gmail.com.

3) Can I buy individual loops/sounds/samples/breaks at this website?

No, you can't. At musicbygoias.com there is only the option of buying full sample packs.
You can purchase individual sounds at our WAVS.com page, all of which are available for preview right in the browser. Sign up using our code GOIAS50 and get 50% off your first month!

4) Are sample packs purchased on Music By GOIAS exclusive?

No, they aren't. The sample packs available at our website are not exclusive, they are licensed to you.
If you're looking for exclusive samples please contact us or go to Custom Orders page to learn more about our exclusive services.

5) What does [OLD PACK] mean on some sample packs available on Music By GOIAS?

Old packs were made more than 3 years ago. You still can find amazing ideas to flip in there simply doesn't have the same quality in terms of recording, sound design and mixing.