We are proud to be part of the Sample Making Community and we're not here to give you any headaches. We are here to help you make the best songs possible and to leave music in a better place.

For more detailed information please read our "GOIAS_Basic License_Sample Clearance and Usage".

Hassle-free clearance

Royalty samples

If your track is released independently without a major record label, you can release your track without clearance. If your track is distributed by a major record label, or if it surpasses 1 million streams, you must contact us to negotiate royalty terms.

We always put the ball in the label's court, whatever they have in mind for publishing (songwriting split anywhere between 5% to 25%), master (no more than 33% of your own record royalty on the released track) and advance (if they want to), it's totally up to them. If they offer something that we consider to be low, we'll counter with something a little bit higher. If we can get that cool, if not also cool! We're not trying to rock the boat, we're sample makers so we make samples to be sampled. So, if they land on a major label placement we'll never ever gonna push too hard, issue take down orders, file a lawsuit, none of that! Let's all just get in an email thread and be cordial. We just need that single digit publishing, sometimes double digit publishing based on the use of the samples.
The music industry is a very fragile ecosystem and although we retain publishing on a lot of major label placements, we have never nor will we ever ever be an assholes about it when the time comes. So if and when it does happen, just hit us up! Two to three emails and it's done.

No clearance required

Royalty-free samples

Use Royalty-free samples in your tracks without having to share royalties. Under this license, we agree to let our samples be used without clearance, giving you full ownership over your publishing and master.

License your beats

Beat licensing-friendly

You can use our royalty samples in your beats with no obligation to pay us a portion of your beat licensing revenue (BeatStars, Airbit, etc). Just keep in mind, you will still need to negotiate terms with us (the sample creator) if a song using your beat reaches over 1 million streams or is released by a major record label.